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The Keurig of Protein

No more shaker bottles. No more ridiculous shaking.

No more clumpy drinks.

Use any cup. Use any powder.

Perfectly mixed. Every time.

The revolution has begun...


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Protein Made Easy

It is time consuming to mix protein powder before and after a workout. This daily ritual includes cleaning a protein shaker bottle, measuring and scooping powder, measuring and adding water, then shaking it up to dissolve the powder, which often doesn't work completely. Premixed drinks are two to three times the cost of mixing your own. The EZ Protein Machine fixes all this.

Better Protein Through Technology

The EZ Protein Machine stores up to three different types of protein powders and has a simple, intuitive electronic user interface.

Bluetooth and wi-fi technology are in the works so it can be controlled by The EZ Protein phone app.

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