Ryan Madic

After first watching Pumping Iron with Bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, I was inspired to start my fitness journey. Over the next year I became a workout fanatic and achieved some great results. But then tragedy struck as I had a major back surgery, had West Nile virus, and then to make matters worse was misdiagnosed for more than a year to find out I had Lyme disease. Through it all, I was drinking protein shakes, whether it was to get bigger while working out, or to simply try to get enough calories when eating food was difficult. Regardless of the situation one thing remained; protein shakes are hard to make well. They’re clumpy and the shaker bottles get disgusting. I quickly grew frustrated with the hassles, poor quality and high costs of using shaker/blender bottles, blenders, pre-packaged protein drinks and protein bars. This inspired me to create a better way.

Shortly after, we launched the business, even though I was still suffering from serious medical problems. The development of the Ez Protein Machine is what kept me positive throughout this experience. I have always put a huge emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle which includes eating clean, working out twice a day, and obviously having 1-2 protein shakes every day.  I can finally enjoy a protein drink again after a good workout.

I began doing research online and asking friends, bodybuilders, athletes, and gym users how they take their protein. They all either used shaker bottles or stopped using them because of the hassles. They all complained about the clumps in their drinks and didn’t taste good and the bottles get disgusting.

Our Studies show less than 50% of people who workout do not take a post workout protein supplement. They are spending the time to workout, but, will not help them maximize their fitness goals without taking their protein. Protein drinks are the quickest way to replenish the body. Unable to find an existing product that produced convenient, tasty, clump free and affordable protein drinks, the Ez Protein machine was born.

We have created a solution to this thirty year old problem. In the same way that Keurig re-invented how you make coffee, we make protein shakes you will love.

We are proud to be part of beautiful Southern Colorado